Album Update and Vlog

Quite a bit of progress has been made since I announced that I’d be working on a new album. As of today, there are 12 songs, 9 poems, and about 35 collaborators on this project. Sonically, it is sounds very acoustic/unplugged, harmonically lush, and very melodic. Somewhere between Brian Wilson, The Beatles, and Paul Simon. While the majority of the collaborators are in Los Angeles, we’ll also have tracks recorded in North Carolina, New York, France, Israel, Palestine, Northern Ireland, Malaysia, and the exotic suburban landscape of Vista, California!

Speaking of which, I recently made the journey down to Vista to do an interview with Jacke Karashae  about the album, the songwriting process, and all sorts of other good stuff. Oh, and since he is one of the collaborators, I turned the tables on him to get a little more background on his song about the color white. Enjoy!