Tough Tulip Audio Revival Playlist

Tough Tulip Audio Revival Playlist for Monday, March 5, 2012 2-4 p.m. and Tuesday, March 6, 6-8 p.m.

5ive Gears in Reverse — Elvis Costello — Get Happy!! (1979)

So It Goes — Nick Lowe (1976)

— {background music: Hocus Pokus — Walter Murphy — Cinemaphonic Electro Soul}

Santa’s Got an Airplane — The Beach Boys — Christmas with the Beach Boys (1974)

My Bologna — Weird Al Yankovic — (1979) from Dr. Demento 1970s

Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey — Paul McCartney and Wings — Ram (1971)

How Dare You — 10cc — title track (1976)

Good Company — Queen — A Night at the Opera (1975)

Sweet Transvestite — Tim Curry — Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

Man at C&A — The Specials — More Specials (1980)

— {background music: Hot Buns — Mario Nascimbene/Creepy Street — Walter Murphy/Wailing Wall — Nicholas Flagello}

Steppin in Her I. Miller Shoes — Betty Davis — self-titled (1973)

Jesus Is Just Alright — Doobie Brothers (1972)

Danger! (Playboy at Work) — Mary Davis (thanks to Butta Fly)

Electric Blues/Old Fashioned Melody — Hair soundtrack (1979)

Cloudburst — The Pointer Sisters — self titled (1973)

Lover Come Back to Me — Sammy Davis Jr. (1974)

I Thank You — Tom Jones — Tom (1970)

Sex Machine — James Brown (1970)

Think (About It) — Lyn Collins (1972)

— {background music: Do It Again — Deodato/The Funk If I Know — Watsonian Institute}

I Threw It All Away — Bob Dylan — Nashville Skyline (1969)

Have You Never Been Mellow — Olivia Newton-John — title track (1974)

Lady — Kenny Rogers (1980)

Just Remember I Love You — Firefall (1977)

Popsicle Toes — Michael Franks (1975) 45 rpm

Right Time of the Night — Jennifer Warnes (1976)

Just Like This Train — Joni Mitchell — Court and Spark (1973)

Danny’s All Star Joint — Rickie Lee Jones — self-titled (1979)

Gallow’s Pole — Led Zeppelin — III (1970)

— {background music: Rhythm & Rock — Johnny Hawksworth/Mellow Dancer –Fernando Antonio Pearson/Dancin’ — Walter Murphy}

Yellow — Ken Nordine — Colors (1967)

Drama Backcloth 2 — Alan Tew — Black Dynamite (Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Rafelli Chase — Adrian Younge — Black Dynamite (Original Motion Picture Score)


About Monk Turner
"This prolific/eclectic artist/producer uses a spectrum of styles, generating entire concept albums. Turner is both daring and melodically gifted..." -Music Connection Magazine "You've got to love Monk Turner for creativity and witty lyrics. He combines various music genres and creates tracks suited for any type of music listener." -FrostClick Over the past decade, Monk Turner has produced more than 20 concept albums, using a freeform collective of musicians who share his passion for creating unique, genre-defying music. His songs have been featured in movies, television programs and advertisements, and his reach continues to widen. “Seeking” from the 2008 release, Love Story currently has had more than 500,000 plays on the online radio station, Pandora. Music from Emergency Songs was featured in an international video that was created in the aftermath of the 2011 earthquake in Japan. But, his most ambitious project to date has been the production of his 2012 album, Kaleidoscope, where he collaborated with more than 40 national and international artists to create an album of music and poetry based on the concept of color. Turner offers free download capabilities via the unconventional distribution platform offered by Creative Commons licenses so that the public is able to enjoy and share his music.

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